Accessory To Success

Self-Taught Men's T-Shirt

Self-Taught means everything you’ve achieved came from your own efforts to acquire knowledge through hours and years of gritty effort and focused determination. This shirt is for truly entrepreneurial minded self-starters that are happy to work with others, but don’t rely on them to solve problems. It says that you learn through your own volition and take matters into your own hands.

Self-Taught business leaders, entrepreneurs, or founders carry a unique air of confidence about them. Years of stern self reliance create an evocative sense of not needing anything from anyone. The opposite of desperation, these winners' independence is impressive and fascinating to others.

This shirt tells the world that you aren’t scared to aggressively seek information from others. It means that you-find-answers regardless of difficulty. This shirt tells the world that you are not afraid to stay up late working, researching, and making the sacrifices that others are unwilling to make.

Wear this tshirt and proudly tell people that whatever obstacles present themselves you will learn to overcome.

This men’s shirt comes in black and feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's pre-shrunk, comfortable, flattering, and will last a long time. Ring-spun cotton and polyester make it very comfortable and durable.