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Don't worry. If this isn't the best LinkedIn Profile you've ever read, it's on us.

Upgrade Your Profile, Get The Job

LinkedIn Profile Revamp

Increase professional credibility with a profile written by an expert copywriter

To stand out you need to come off as impressive and competent. A poorly built out profile shows a lack of attention to detail, especially for job seekers, salespeople, and professionals seeking career advancement. Thorough professional copywriting and concise statements about your accomplishments can achieve this.

A LinkedIn Profile Revamp will showcase your talents, experience, and unlock the real networking power of LinkedIn.

How It Works

Friendly 3-Step Process

Our full time team of professional LinkedIn copywriters create customizable LinkedIn profile templates for each industry. The templates meet ATS requirements making you more discoverable in LinkedIn’s search engine and more impressive to any recruiter, customer, or colleague that views your profile.

Employers set minimum requirements when hiring by using softwares built into LinkedIn called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). These systems use keywords to filter applicants that meet minimum requirements. If your LinkedIn profile is not optimized for ATS with the right keywords your application may get automatically eliminated before it's even seen by recruiters or hiring managers.

Common Questions

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Why sell templates?

Selling customizable templates allows us to offer an amazing solution for a fraction of the cost. We sell a limited number of these templates allowing us to lower the cost to the end user: you.

A fully customized LinkedIn Profile Makeover would easily cost $700+. But by offering customizable templates we have a chance to provide an effective solution that meets Applicant Tracking System keyword requirements while still being expertly written and custom tailored to your specific experience.

Will anyone else have the same profile as me?

We sell a limited number of each version of LinkedIn customizable templates. After we sell the limit of a template it is retired forever and replaced with a new version. With over 700 million users on LinkedIn the chances of seeing another profile with your same copywriting are miniscule at best. Plus you will be customizing it to your exact experience and accomplishments, so it will be next to impossible for a recruiter or especially an employer to determine that your profile came from a customizable template.

What Is Included?

Each purchase includes your template as well as detailed instructions and suggestions for how to complete each section of your Linkedin Profile Template to fit your specific experience.

What kind of “Customization” is required?

Years in your profession, or name of the college you attended, specific quotas you hit. We provide the framework for each section so you can Copy & Paste. You then fill in the blanks that make the template apply to you. It will take you about 5 minutes and then you can sit back and wait for the first sale.

How do I benefit from a customizable LinkedIn Profile Template?

There is no downside. At a minimum, our templates will insert important keywords into your profile allowing you to display where appropriate. The templates will upgrade the quality of copywriting in your profile which instantly increases the level of credibility and professionalism assigned to you by readers.

What is the background of the resume writing team?

We have found over time a formula for acquiring, qualifying, and hiring writers in the market segments that we offer. Through the data and feedback we’ve collected, we have learned to grow our team and the quality of our templates over time. We know what words need to be included for each industry and how to phrase the copy in a way that is natural, effective, and impressive.

How many industries have you worked in?

We offer templates in LinkedIn’s top 50 industries. After 50 template versions are sold we close out that version for sale and have it completely rewritten. Some industries are updated multiple times per month, while others sell less frequently and are updated quarterly.

Can I use the template for my resume as well?

Yes! You can of course use the template copywriting for your resume as well.

How do I know if a template will be right for me?

This is a good move for most people. Plus, there is a money back guarantee, so you have no risk.