5 Chrome Extensions Every Author Must Download

by Accessory To Success June 11, 2021

5 Chrome Extensions Every Author Must Download

Chrome is an excellent browser due to the design, speed and essential features. The popularity is also based on the tremendous add-on library offering new abilities and functions. Among the extensions currently available, there are five that everyone should download.

Google Tag Assistant

The reason you should download Google Tag Assistance is to help with troubleshooting your installation for a variety of Google Tags. This solves the issue of verifying if your Google Tags have been installed correctly on your page. All you have to do is navigate to one of your pages for the Tag Assistant to determine the tags present, any errors and suggested improvements. You can check the majority of Google Tags including Google Tag Manager, Adwords Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics.

google tag assistant chrome extension

You can use Google Tag Assistant effectively for recording your average user flow for your website to immediately diagnose, validate and troubleshoot issues with your implementation of Google Analytics. Once you have used Chrome to load a webpage, the Tag Assistant will run a check for Google pixels. You then receive feedback in real-time including a basic implementation check. If you have correctly implemented the code, you receive a green notice.

When the working pulldown is expanded, you receive pixel account information to ensure your implementation is correct. You will receive suggestions if your pixels are not up to date. If you receive a blue notice, there are minor script suggestions for improving your tagging health. A yellow notice means minor errors have been found with your script. Some of your users will be unable to track correctly. You can see the minor errors found with your script by expanding the yellow working label.

If major errors are found with your script you will receive a red notice. This means most of your users will be unable to track correctly. You can see your script errors by expanding the not working label.

FB Pixel Helper

FB Pixel Helper is an invaluable tool for successfully and effectively targeting the users visiting your website and engaging with your content. If you have had issues regarding your Facebook pixels operating incorrectly, this is a tool you need to have because it provides you with a way to monitor your pixels. FB Pixel Helper is essentially a piece of coding. Once you have integrated the coding into the header of your site, you are able to track your visitor information.

facebook pixel helper

You can use the information you have obtained about your visitors to provide them with a customized Facebook ad experience. The result is the generation of leads enabling you to sell your services or products. The tool makes certain you have imbedded your Facebook Pixel into your website properly, that your pixels are active and everything is working properly. You also receive information when there is an error. If you are using the Facebook tracking pixel for any of your advertising campaigns, this tool is not only valuable but free as well.

Start by following the on-screen directions to complete the setup process for the Facebook Pixel Helper. You can begin checking for errors as soon as the process is complete. Even if you see an error, it does not necessarily mean your pixel has malfunctioned. Even if your pixel is functioning, you might need to make changes to your Facebook to make certain the right information is tracked by the pixel. The most common errors include:

  • No pixel found
  • Pixel could not load
  • Not standard event
  • Duplicate pixels found
  • Pixel activated multiple times
  • Invalid pixel ID
  • Pixel took too long to load


LastPass is a password manager capable of saving your passwords to provide secure access for all your mobile devices and computers. You will no longer have to worry about the safety or security of your critical information. LastPass enables you to access your information at any time regardless of your location. You have a secure vault for saving your passwords, credit cards, addresses and more. When necessary, your information can be filled in automatically.

Lastpass password manager

This tool will eliminate the time you spend filling in online forms and passwords or getting locked out of your accounts. All your online tasks become simpler while ensuring your information remains secure. You can store your passwords and user names with automatic logins through LastPast. You can store anything you need to keep secure including insurance cards and passports. When you save something on any of your devices, everything is synced immediately for your other devices. Forms are easy to fill in because you have already saved your credit card numbers and addresses.

You can save your information on all of your devices for free. LastPass also offers protection from security breaches through the security dashboard. You see an overview of your reused and weak passwords including suggestions for improvements. If your data is placed at risk, you will receive a dark web monitoring alert. You can use multifactor authentication for the protection of your LastPass account and generate more secure and stronger passwords for replacing your weak ones. You will spend less time typing because your passwords are filled in automatically.

You only need to remember one master password and can share your passwords with family and friends. As long as you have your master password, you are granted access to your vault. LastPass does not know your master password for additional security. Your data remains protected at all times.


BuiltWith is an extension providing you with the ability to determine how a website has been built simply by clicking on the icon for BuiltWith. This is an essential tool for website profilers. You will receive all the technologies BuiltWith finds on the page. You are also provided with business intelligence, competitive analysis and lead generation. This is the ideal tool for your online usage analytics, e-commerce data and technology adoption.

Builtwith chrome extension

This tool is effective for sales teams because it helps you prospect for customers. Once you know which type of software your customers are using, you can improve your targeting for your specific platform. This is a great way to understand the business of your client. Once you have entered all of your criteria pertaining to your query, you will receive a company listing including the types of software used for the corresponding businesses. This means you gain the ability to target every business using a specific platform.

As soon as you have generated your report, you are provided with thousands of potential leads for your business. This tool is easy to use and extremely efficient. Once you know which platform your potential customers are using for their websites, you know if it is compatible with your services or products. Since you can immediately eliminate any incompatible platforms, you will save a lot of valuable time. You can then start contacting all of your compatible potential clients.


You can use GoFullPage for capturing your entire current page in a screenshot. Not only is this tool reliable, but the need to request extra permissions is eliminated. This is the easiest method for capturing a full-page screenshot. You can either press Alt, Shift and P or simply click on the icon for GoFullPage. You are able to watch as every part of your page is captured by the extension. Once you arrive at the screenshot for your new tab, it can be easily downloaded as a PDF or image.

Gofullpage full page screen capture

If you prefer, you can drag and drop your screenshot to your desktop. This is the simplest way to transform your entire web page into an image because there are no ads, no bloat and no unnecessary permissions required. You can even handle complex pages due to the advanced screen capture technology. This is different than the other extensions because it includes embedded iframes and inner scrollable elements. If you should experience an issue, you simply report it to customer service using the flag icon located on the capture page.

Once reported, a team will work to improve the extension for anyone using it. You need to be patient since you will need to scroll to all visible portions of your page for the screenshot to be taken. All of the pieces will be assembled quickly. In rare instances, a page can be too large to be stored by Chrome in a single image. If this happens, you will be informed and your page will be divided into images placed in different tabs. Your results can be exported to JPEG, PNG or a variety of PDF paper sizes. You can use the options available for your configuration.

The Bottom Line

All five of the Chrome extensions explained in this article offer the help you need for many of the most common issues. Adding new functionalities to Chrome enables you to monitor vital areas of your website so you can make the necessary improvements. For your business to be successful, you need to take advantage of the best tools available. Since many of the Chrome extensions are free, you can try them out to determine if they are appropriate for the needs of your business.
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