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A Safe Dollar Is Worth More Than A Risky Dollar Men's T-Shirt

A Safe Dollar Is Worth More Than A Risky Dollar. This is a basic principle of finance. The idea is that future cash flows are uncertain. Some are safer than others: Stocks vs Bonds.

A decision many founders face is to sell or not when an offer comes along. The book Lost & Founder shares a great example forgetting this common principle when Moz decided not to sell to Hubspot for $25mm. The book goes on and on about how big that mistake was, but it all comes back to the common financial principle: a safe dollar is worth more than a risky dollar.

Greed is a powerful emotion. Remembering common financial principles when making business decisions is necessary. Wearing this shirt will let the world know that you’re aware of these principles. It may even impress those who have not heard the phrase before.

This men’s shirt comes in black feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's pre-shrunk, comfortable, and flattering. Ring-spun cotton and polyester make it very comfortable and durable.