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by Accessory To Success December 27, 2022

Tops: Press Release Submission Sites For Authors

People tend to think of press releases as something only large businesses do for marketing purposes. The reality is that all sizes and types of businesses should submit press releases to news media sites, social media sites, and journalists, including authors.

Getting well-written search engine optimized (SEI) press releases distributed around the internet to a variety of sources is an excellent way to market your published or upcoming book and any services you offer, like ghostwriting. You turn your efforts into news with a press release. Numerous press release distribution websites are available today, and many are ideal for book promotions. If you're not sure what a Press Release is, click here.

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Reasons to Submit a Press Release

The press release is an announcement written to grab the reader’s attention and provides basic information about your book that is already published or will be published in the near future. The press release summarizes the facts that readers need to be convinced your book is worth buying and just as importantly, why they should visit your website or social media accounts to learn more about you as an author and the books you have published in the past. The press release builds customer engagement.

The press release can deliver many benefits when distributed through the ideal online channels. It can lead to:

  • Increased book sale revenues
  • Increased visits to your website or social media accounts
  • An expanded contact list
  • Making new connections for future marketing
  • Getting sponsorships
  • Inviting people to your book signings
  • Getting invites as a speaker on your book or your book’s topic
  • Convincing various media members, like book reviewers, to mention or recommend your book

Self-promotion is always crucial for authors, especially those who self-publish and do not benefit from a big publisher’s marketing campaign. You can be your own publicist and get attention directed to your book without having any current connections to media outlets, journalists or book reviewers.

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Press Release Submission Sites for Authors

There are so many options for press release services that are easy to use and reasonable in terms of pricing. Following are some top press release distribution services you can use to market your book.

(Please note that these services send the press releases to media outlets, but each media outlet decides if it will publish the press release. Also, note these sites can change their prices at any time.)

Newswire This is a top-rated press release distribution platform that has over 8,000 news sites where it can send your press release. They include CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, Google, Digital Journal, Nasdaq, and Yahoo News. One of the nice features of this service is that you can target the distribution by industry, news corporation and location.

The least expensive plan, Newswire Digital, is $349 for a single press release distributed to hundreds of online outlets throughout the U.S. There are additional packages priced based on the number of press releases, i.e., 3, 6, 12, 24. The
Newswire Digital Plus option is $599 and will distribute the press release to local, national, international and industry media outlets and a long list of online media sites. It enables you to reach top media outlets and develop a digital footprint through published links and SEO. The most expensive option is Newswire Global at $1,999, which reaches more than 10,000 media outlets.

NewswireNEXT - For $299, you can purchase the PRO Distribution plan. You prepare the press release and include one image. There are more expensive options that include NewswireNEXT doing the writing for a 300-400 word press release.

The press release is released to more than 500 online news sites that include all the big names, like NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, NCN, Digital Journal, RFD-TV and hundreds more. You also get the right to use “As Seen On” with the network logos as long as you don’t claim the networks and other platforms endorsed you or that you have a partnership with or are affiliated with them.

You can use the “As Seen On” on your website and social media sites and in your marketing materials. This platform is geared towards people who want to get the attention of the financial and other business industries. This could be a good option if you wrote a book related to leadership or business. This is a very affordable press release distribution service. There are three plans that cost $60, $100 or $300 per press lease. All three plans distribute to major online news sites, like Google News and Yahoo News), major search engines, industry and regional distribution channels, social media and document sharing sites.

The more you pay, the more services you receive. The $100 and $300 plans include editorial feedback and distribution to an online syndication network. There is a free option, but it is limited to general search engines, some news sites and RSS feeds.

eReleases This company caters to small businesses, so it is ideal for authors. The eReleases Buzz Builder costs $299, and Newsmaker costs $399, both per press release. These two options include distribution to Bing News, Yahoo News, Cision PR Newswire and the AP Associated Press.

Other features include SEO, unlimited hyperlinks and a 2-tier editorial process. You can target one or two industries, depending on the plan chosen. A third package is called PR PRO ($599), which will send Direct-to-Journalists emails to those on the Cision Influencer list.

Business Wire This is one of the more expensive options and one of the largest press release distribution options. The local option includes the state, metro area and city and costs $475 per press release. The regional media package is $510, and the national option is $940. Global distribution is also available.

The media reached includes newspapers, business journals, wire services, radio and television stations and more. You get a social sidebar with social media profiles, customizable click-to-tweet messaging and the ability to carry your style elements through to downstream news sites. This is an excellent way to build your brand as an author.

24-7 Press Release This is a great option for authors on a budget who want to try the press release distribution process. This company has several options, and each price is per the press release.

The Visibility Boost package is $49, with the press release sent to 50+ online syndication sites and seen by journalists and bloggers through the 24-7 Press Release Media Desk. Your press release can appear on search engines like Yahoo and Google. The news appears through RSS and News Widget feeds.

You can also target your release to up to 5 industry categories. There is an $89 option that increases the industries targeted and sends your press release to the AP Newsroom for Journalists. The news is sent to 80+ online syndication sites. The $139 and $419 options add distribution to online news and traditional media and significantly increase the number of distribution sites and industries.

PRWeb The Basic $99 option is a per news release package covering permanent hosting of your press release on so that major search engines can find it.

The next option is the Standard Package for $205 per press release. You get permanent hosting plus distribution across PRWeb’s enhanced online syndication network, which has more than 1200 partner websites. You also can share your press release across social media channels.

The third option is the Advanced program at $305 per news release which adds emailing the press release to targeted industry influencers. The Premium option at $405 adds feeding the press release to bloggers and Twitter feeds.

NewswireJet The ease of use makes this option a good one for beginners. The most basic option, News Power, is a one-time plan for $99 that includes a press release distribution with 250 plus guaranteed placements and inclusion on major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo.

The next level is Buzz Maker for $139, which increases guaranteed placements of more than 420 and adds premium news networks and major news media and their affiliates, like FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC. For $189 for Buzz Maker Plus, you can have your press release written. For each plan, you can upgrade for an additional price to two to four press releases in a month.

This list could go on, but it gives you a good idea of the various options available. Other press release distribution platforms include PR Underground, Globe Newswire and Onclusive, to name a few.

Free, Free, Free…

Marketing is just as important for short-on-budget new authors as it is for major published authors. However, even $50 a month for one press release may take a lot of work to afford initially. Fortunately, there are a few free press release sites that help you get started.

IssueWire The free option includes an SEO mass ping, social media blast, social sharing enablement, mobile distribution and the press release permanently hosted. It is free, but as you can see, the features are minimal. For $21, you can try a press release that gets more than 145 guaranteed placements and search engine inclusions.

EIN Presswire You can try this press release distribution platform by sending one free press release. The press releases are distributed to major news sites like Google News and BingNews, newswires, search engines, EIN Newsdesk Publications, one industry distribution channel and Twitter and Facebook postings. After the first free one, you pay $99.95 per press release. But you can choose distribution channels by industry and get media monitoring, and RSS feeds.

1888 Press Release There is a free option, but it offers limited services. The website says it offers free press release submission and distribution. Search engine optimization costs $50.00. It offers press release templates to help you write and format a successful press release.

Quite honestly, free does not get you a lot, but it is also a way to jump into press releases and see what works and does not work for your purposes.

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Check All the Details

Each of these press release sites offers analytics. Most pricing is for a 400-word press release, and each 100-word addition costs more. Most also allow adding links and images. Some let you upload a YouTube or other type of video, and some include 24-7 customer service. In most cases, writing services cost an additional amount. Many sites offer discounted prices, and the prices mentioned can change at any time. They also offer analytics, so you can track where your press release gets attention.

It is important to make sure you understand precisely what you are getting for a specific price. You can start with a free or least expensive option, check the results and then decide on the next steps, like changing services or moving up to the next higher press release distribution option. As an author, try a press release and see if it increases your online visibility and book sales.

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