Badass Your Brand Book Summary: How To Start A Business With No Experience

by Accessory To Success December 23, 2020

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Become An Entrepreneur With No Ideas

It may seem like following the footsteps of more successful businesses will lead you to equal or perhaps even greater success. But what if following the crowd is holding you back from massive profits and a business that fits your unique needs?

Learn What Makes A Good Business Opportunity

  • How to turn what you love and already know well into a profitable business.
  • A proven system that allows you to charge more while securing clients perfectly suited to your skills.
  • How to re-package your services to focus on the parts of your business that you love.
  • How to identify your badass opportunity to do things differently and shake up your industry.
  • Start pricing your services as an expert rather than a service provider. Once you know the difference, you will treat your business differently.
  • Make a list of the little tasks that are essential to your business but which you don't get paid for or that slow you down. Think about how you can restructure your products or business model so that you get paid for those things.
  • Is there an aspect of your industry that you hate or a part of your business process that you don't enjoy? Think about repackaging your products or rethink your processes to change that aspect.
  • How to get out of the race to the bottom when it comes to prices. Someone hugely important in the book Zero To One.
Badass Your Brand

Featured In This Review

Badass Your Brand


Want to turn your passion into a business? This book can teach you how to ditch the parts of your business you hate and aren't that profitable and focus on only what you love while making more money.


Badass Your Brand Book Summary

If work-life balance seems like a joke and you've forgotten what free time is, Badass Your Brand may have some insights that change the way you do business and live your life in general.

If you're at the beginning and want to start your own business or work from home as a freelancer, this book can help you establish a satisfying business model while basing your rates on your financial needs and desires. Another good book to read before launch and to get ideas from is The Million Dollar One Person Business.

Badass Your Brand is a book about branding, but it's not about picking your slogan or designing a brand-focused website. It won't tell you how to find or land clients in your industry. There are many other books for that (The Ultimate Sales Machine being one of them).

Badass Your Brand Book Summary The Impatient Entrepreneur's Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit Quote 1

This one focuses more on the way you structure your business, the way you present your services and products to the market, and the way you determine your prices. Read Building a Storybrand after this for even more perspective on presenting your products and services to the market.

This book is about creating a business you love rather than settling for one that is merely profitable.

As a freelancer, one is usually following the same procedures as any other freelancer: Racing to land the best clients possible and basing rates on the competition rather than one's own financial needs. Badass Your Brand will help you realized there was a different way of doing things.

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This book makes one realize that services are their product, and one can package them any way they wish. Using the unique formula detailed in the book can change my business significantly.

Pia wrote Badass Your Brand after successfully restructuring the branding and web design business that she shared with her husband and business partner, Steve. Worstofall Design was about three years old, and Pia was already burning out from early morning meetings and the nonstop race to land new clients and keep current clients happy.

Badass Your Brand Book Summary The Impatient Entrepreneur's Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit Quote 2

They were doing everything their competitors were doing and implementing strategies that had been successful for other businesses in their field. They thought they were doing everything possible to compete with other branding businesses, but they weren't happy with their work. They weren't enjoying the process. They were in debt and struggling.

That's when they decided to take one of their secondary services and turn it into their primary service. They restructured their business model and created new processes that allowed them to do only the parts of their business that they enjoyed.

They stopped trying to keep up with their competitors in the fast lane and created a new lane of their own. The new business model allowed them to work less and stress less while earning more and feeling more satisfied.

Badass Your Brand details exactly what Pia and Steve did to transform their business. The process encourages entrepreneurs and small business owners to rethink the way they do business. If you follow their advice, you will learn how to turn your knowledge and skills into profitable packages that focus on the parts of your business that you most enjoy.

Badass Your Brand Book Summary The Impatient Entrepreneur's Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit Quote 3

Pia discusses ways to structure your business so you get paid for time-consuming processes that your competitors are doing for free. Those are processes that you're likely doing for free right now because you assume that's just how it's done in your industry. Another book on packaging your offering better is Built To Sell.

Who says you have to do everything according to that industry standard? Pia encourages you to offer something fresh and unique. She was amazed at the results for her own business, and you may find it does the same for yours.

About The Author Pia Silva

Pia Silva is now a branding expert with online courses, an insightful podcast, and free resources that help solopreneurs and small businesses create companies that are just as enjoyable as they are profitable. She started out operating a small branding and web design firm with her husband, Steve. They transformed their business into a more enjoyable and profitable company by doing the opposite of their competitors and creating unique processes that stood out in their industry.

It was that experience that led Pia to write Badass Your Brand, which has turned her into a go-to thought leader on business branding, pricing, and design. After using the process detailed in this book to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs restructure their businesses for maximum success and enjoyment, she decided to share her unique processes with the world.
You can find writing by Pia Silva on multiple reputable websites, where she shares business branding and development insights for free. She's a small business owner contributor for Forbes and works as a paid speaker for special events.

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Accessory To Success
Accessory To Success

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