Return On Courage Book Summary: Bold Change Ideas For Any Business

by Accessory To Success December 23, 2020

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Why To Make Bold Changes For Your Business

Oftentimes, entrepreneurs and business owners find themselves in need of a trusted advisor. However, while they want advice they do not like being preached to. This is where Ryan Berman’s book, Return on Courage, comes in. It will help you face your business fears and take a courageous outlook towards resolving them.

Story telling combined with real life examples and many great quotes, make for a thoroughly interesting read. It comes with a workbook within its pages and it can be very impactful from an actionable standpoint. Ryan has an impressive list of accomplishments, is very intelligence and friendly. This all shines in his writing.

Learn To Take Calculated Risks Of Change

  • Not to fear change, but embrace it
  • What is courage and the value of courage
  • Understand that fear is crippling
  • Take a critical look at things that scare you and then tackle them courageously
  • Make bold, swift decisions. Follow PRICE: Prioritize through values, Rally Believers, Identify fears, Commit to a purpose, Execute your action
Return on Courage

Featured In This Review

Return on Courage


Making bold changes to a business is risky. This book proves that it is necessary though. For the bold brands that decide not to play it safe awaits riches and team and customer loyalty. The authors gives examples of how to take risk correctly in business.


Return On Courage Book Summary

Change can be scary. Change could be potentially damaging to a Company or brand. Return on Courage helps you snap out of fear and gets you ready to make a courageous change. The book leads you to understand the necessity of change and break status quo, to dominate all the competition in your business category. Another great read on this would be the book Blue Ocean Strategy.

A story teller at heart, Ryan kicks off with a story of the pizza giant, Domino’s. Domino’s Pizza had a very poor reputation and their pizzas were of bad quality. Enter a far sighted and courageous CEO who revamped every bit of the pizza right from the dough, crust, sauce, cheese and toppings.

Return On Courage Book Summary A Business Playbook for Courageous Change Quote 1

This he followed up with an intense marketing blitzkrieg informing the world about their horrible pizza. This campaign was very unpopular amongst the franchise owners. It could have easily ended the new CEO’s career. This was followed by the story of revamping of the entire pizza from scratch.

The new pizza was presented as a new and superior product, urging and tempting everybody to taste it for themselves and tell the difference. The campaign was unbelievably successful and Domino’s share prices skyrocketed. This tremendous brand success story is the definition of courage. More stories like this can be found in the book Alchemy.

The book includes many more interesting stories of grit and courage. How Royal Caribbean took a big risk and put the company on line when they doubled the size of their cruise ships. How companies like HBO, Black & Decker and DeWalt, CVS, and many more took up risks that could have wiped them out but emerged stronger and more successful because of their chutzpah.

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These real stories should shake you out of your fear and encourage you to take the leap of faith into unknown and untested territory. If they don’t read the book Poke The Box.

Return On Courage Book Summary A Business Playbook for Courageous Change Quote 2

The book encourages business people – established and budding - to take a critical look at their businesses and figure out how to do things better and different. An interesting and telling line from the book, which beautifully sums up a world of business wisdom: “The ultimate goal is to put your company in a position to create new products or services that can one day be an industry fear to the competitors in your category”. Another killer book on this is Zero To One.

‘Change’ is the only constant and ‘different’ is the only way to defeat your competition and grab customer interest. Frequent and well thought out innovation will enable you to lead the race.

“Do things that are going to make you different, because different is better than better”

Return On Courage Book Summary A Business Playbook for Courageous Change Quote 3

A loyal network of employees and people, who believe, trust and vouch passionately for you and your brand is a believership of people. This network is an invaluable asset and should be cultivated by right and moral ethics, conduct and products. Ryan talks a great deal about the importance of core values. How they shape decision making and company culture.

He says you need to value, respect and cherish the committed, honest, sincere and proactive people. These employees are the people that vouch for you. The goal is to build the trust of your community of people. This means they buy into what you have to say. If you are looking to hire and work with such people you will enjoy this book. I would also recommend the book WHO.

Return On Courage Book Summary A Business Playbook for Courageous Change Quote 4

Fear of failure is akin to entrepreneurial suicide. The mind and instincts feed off this fear and we grow afraid of the unknown and become risk averse, which itself is the perfect recipe for stagnation and slow death. Don't be afraid to try something. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. For more on this topic read the book Be Fearless.

Return on Courage gives you the push and courage to reflect on your existing business, visualize your goals, and overcome mentally restrictive hurdles and to take the plunge into the next level of business existence.

Use the comprehensive workbook and fill out its requirements to get the most out of this good book. This book is most definitely for you if you want to break the mold and achieve brilliant success in your entrepreneurial journey. For another book that will open your eyes to new perspective consider reading Quiet Leadership.

About The Author Ryan Berman

Ryan is a serial entrepreneur, having started several companies including I.D.E.A. Ad Agency, Courage Brands, Sock Problems, and more. He is a highly sought after keynote speaker for fortune 500 brands.

Ryan Berman says that getting fired from his job in advertising turned out to be a “negative blessing”. He thereafter started learning and embracing his new life as an entrepreneur. Research for this book included 3 years of shadowing top leaders to understand how they accomplish their goals. He found courage to be one of the core components of their success.

He has 20+ years in the courageous ideas space and a keen understanding of the power of emotional storytelling to drive courageous change. Ryan is an authority on unlocking courage in leaders and teams. His methods have been featured in Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc and Forbes.

Ryan recently launched Courage Bootcamp as an 8 week online course helping companies galvanize their staff and pinpoint their best talent.

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Accessory To Success
Accessory To Success

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