How To Grant Access For Whitelisting Influencers Step-By-Step

by Accessory To Success March 25, 2022

How To Grant Access For Whitelisting Influencers Step-By-Step

Access Instructions For Whitelisting & Dark Posting Influencers

In order to Whitelist an influencer all you need to provide is the Businesses Manager ID. The influencer needs to do much more.

That said, these instructions are meant to be sent to an influencer and you’ll also need to provide them with your Business Manager ID. This 15 digit number is found in your “business settings”. To find this go to and click on the cog wheel on the bottom left, then click Business Settings.

Here are a few other articles we've written on Influencer marketing. Influencer Marketing using Whitelisting and Dark Posting, Unique Tactics & Strategies for Influencer Marketing, and how to advertise a book on Facebook. Lastly, whitelisting is something we offer with our paid for book reviews, so keep that in mind.

Step by Step Guide To Whitelisting Access:

These instructions are what an influencer needs to do:

The Influencers are going to need to grant you access through the Facebook Business Manager. This is found at

If they do not have a Business Manager, you will need to create one.

Influencer Marketing Instructions

After creating a Business Manager they should see the following page. Unless they already have one:

Influencer Marketing Instructions 2

From here start by clicking on Business Settings.

They will need to start by double checking that their FB Page has been added. If not, they will need to click “Add a Page”.

Influencer Marketing Instructions 4

Then they will need to add their instagram page as well. To do this they will scroll down to Instagram on the left. Then click “Add”.

Influencer Marketing Instructions 5

Scrolling up again on the left they’ll go to the “Users” section, Click “Partners” and then on the right they will click “Add in Partner to share assets with”.

Influencer Marketing Instructions 6

At this point the influencer will need to have copied the Facebook Business Manager ID mentioned earlier. In the “Add a New Partner” they will need to place your ID number and click Next.

Influencer Marketing Instructions 7

On the left side of this pop-up you’ll see a “Select Asset Type”. From here they will want to start by selecting “Pages” which is for Facebook. The influencer will need to choose the brand’s Facebook Page and choose the permission level so you can create “Ads”. Then go to “Instagram accounts” on the left and grant the same access. Then “Save Changes”.

Influencer Marketing Instructions 9

Once the influencer has granted all this access, their Facebook Page and Instagram account will be visible and usable in your Business Manager and you will be able to create Facebook and Instagram dark posts with the whitelisted content.

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