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by Accessory To Success October 16, 2022

At Accessory To Success we review books to help author’s gain authority and sell more books! Our goal is to provide a supportive, entertaining, and demand generating review. As the review purchaser, feel free to use the review text and website link to promote your book in any way!

For a full length book review, Accessory To Success (ATS) charges a one time non-refundable fee of one hundred and ninety nine dollars ($199).

The First Step:
First you’ll need to buy an ATS book review on our site.

The Second Step:
After that you’ll be sent an email with a form to fill out that requests more information about your book or manuscript. In this form there will be a place to upload the book or provide a link for a digital or audio copy of the book.

The Third Step:
Once the form is finished and we’ve received a copy of your book, you will receive a confirmation email. Then 60 days later you’ll receive a link to the book summary on site for your review and use. If you’re not happy with the review we can take it down upon your email request to support@accessorytosuccess.com.

The ATS review format is structured and consistent. Each review includes the following sections:
Main Takeaway - 100+ words in paragraph format.
What You’ll Learn - 100+ words in bullet point format, including specific things that people can expect to take away from the book and apply in their lives.
The Book Review/Summary - 300 words in paragraph format, that should be half summary half review and include a synopsis of any unique and memorable anecdotes.
About The Author - 200 words in paragraph format, including what they have built or accomplished. Sold a business, invested in Facebook, traveled the world speaking, etc.
We add 3 custom images using quotes from the book onsite and social if they are related to business.
There is an audio narration of the review produced by a professional voiceover artist embedded onsite, posted to our podcast, and YouTube channel.
A custom book mockup is created for the blog post header image and YouTube video.
Lastly, an email will be sent to our subscriber list to promote the book.

Submission Requirements
At this time we only accept digital and audio books that are in english. We will look for 160,000 words or less. Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs), manuscripts, and commercially available works are eligible.

We aim to complete all book reviews in 60 days. The 60 days start when the book is provided and our onboarding form is completed. We deliver finished reviews on business days, not holidays, weekends, or when our office is closed.

Refund Policy
If your book is over 160,000 words or there is some kind of extenuating circumstance like a natural disaster, we reserve the right to extend the 60 day time frame to 75 days. We will be communicating with you throughout via email and discuss any delays. In the event that 75 days is not enough time for us to finish your review, we will give you the option to be refunded. Should you choose to be refunded we will no longer have any obligation to complete the review and You will not receive damages or relief in any way.

Other than these situations outlined above, we no do offer refunds or revisions. This includes if the review is not supportive or positive enough in your opinion. We do not guarantee a positive review.

Please read this information carefully before placing any orders. We encourage you to take a few minutes to read the following as when You purchase an Accessory To Success Book Review You automatically accept the following terms and conditions.

Limitation of Liability
Accessory To Success assumes no liability or responsibility for any losses or damages arising from the book review. This includes claims you bring against our affiliates, officers, directors, shareholders, employees, promotional partners, independent contractors, telecommunications providers, or agents or other representatives.

You further represent that Accessory To Success has the right to rely upon all information provided to Accessory To Success by You, and Accessory To Success may contact You by email, telephone or postal mail for any purpose, including but not limited to (i) follow-up calls, (ii) customer satisfaction surveys, and (iii) inquiries about any orders You placed, or considered placing, at or through the Website.

You agree that the Book Review provided is the exclusively copyrighted to and owned property of Accessory To Success. You have no claims or ownership of the Book Review and understand that there will be no compensation provided to You if Accessory To Success decides to distribute the Book Review through media outlets both owned and unowned.

Book Reviews are meant to be professional and honest. You understand and agree that your feelings of dissatisfaction regarding the Book Review not being favorable or positive enough do not preclude you from paying the service fee of $199. You understand that while you may submit a request to remove or modify the Book Review via email and we are under no obligation to comply. However, if the review is for some reason factually inaccurate, we hope that you will email us at support@accessorytosuccess.com so that we may decide to correct these errors.

Accessory To Success reserves the right to terminate this Agreement without notice and/or refuse to sell to anyone who Accessory To Success believes, in Our sole discretion, (i) has violated any of the terms of this Agreement, (ii) is abusing the services Accessory To Success provides, or (iii) is unable to provide Us with sufficient information to allow Us to properly identify the customer’s real name, address, & other information requested in the Onboarding Form. Accessory To Success reserves the right to decline any submission for any reason and we will immediately provide a refund of the service fee.

Accessory To Success does not make any representations or warranties as to the third-party content. You represent that all information provided by You is original and not stolen, plagiarized, or copied. It does not violate copyrights, publicity, trademark, privacy, service marks, intellectual property rights of any third party. This includes written text, imagery, likeness of a person and any other content provided. If not owned you have obtained the proper licenses to use it and properly credited the sources.

You understand that you are completely responsible for the content submitted. Neither Accessory To Success nor its affiliates, officers, directors, shareholders, employees, independent contractors, telecommunications providers, or agents shall be liable for any damages, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of your use of third-party materials that are linked to the content provided by You and used in the Accessory To Success book review.

In both cases the Accessory To Success Review will be syndicated to various online retailers and reviews data services such as Gayle and OverDrive.

Accessory To Success
Accessory To Success

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