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The First Mover Advantage T-Shirt For Entrepreneurs

The First Mover Advantage is defined as a company’s ability to bring a product to market first. This puts the company in a better position within the market than its copycat competitors.

Business leaders in every industry maintain that early entry into a market gives a brand the head start they deserve. Pepsi will never outperform Coca-Cola. Powerade will not have more brand loyalty than Gatorade.

For some, early entry into a market can yield near-monopoly status and high profit margins. Whereas other industries claim these pioneers as victims of bad timing or inaccurate brand positioning. If you are an entrepreneur this t-shirt demonstrates your understanding of its power and the risks associated.

This men’s shirt comes in black feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's pre-shrunk, comfortable, and flattering. Ring-spun cotton and polyester make it very comfortable and durable.