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Start-Up T-Shirt Pioneers Are Easy To Spot

Pioneers are easy to spot, they’re the ones with arrows in their backs. The first entrant into a market has potential for a monopoly. They establish market share and brand positioning that is very powerful. They also run the risk of a copycat competitor coming along and taking them out of business. The same way that Facebook took out Friendster or MySpace.

In the worlds of start-ups, founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders, pioneers sit at the top of the podium. Pioneering a new product launch comes with enormous challenges, including educating consumers as to why they need the product. These brave founders go through the challenge of establishing the company knowing that once they do, several venture backed me-too companies will try to take their market share. These companies are known as Fast-Followers.

This is because pioneers who are the first to bring a product to market have a failure rate of 47%. Whereas Fast-Followers only had a failure rate of 8%. And this is why the idiom is sometimes phrased: “Pioneers get slaughtered and settlers prosper”.

If you are a pioneer, wear this shirt proudly and show to the world that you are a risk taker, not scared of failure, and intend to dominate your market.

This men’s shirt comes in black feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's pre-shrunk, comfortable, and flattering. Ring-spun cotton and polyester make it very comfortable and durable.